So I’ve been lured onto a Reddit forum Truefemcels after a post was made about MGTOW. I have been lurking for awhile now. Trying to understand how any woman can be involuntary celebrant or incel for short. How can any woman be celebrate in a society that serves up male attention on a silver platter. […]

This is my response to this article in titled Re: I spent my savings on an ‘elite’ matchmaking agency only to meet an array of mediocre men This article should come as no surprise as more and more women who are oblivious to the wall try to play up their hypergamy and proverbial dating cards. […]

I too await the day idiots will be barred from government buildings and that we may have no idiot zones.

Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp Episode 1 - Simping Spree

Not having sex with a woman will be considered rape soon....

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