This is my response to the article entitled “I’ve been cheated on by every single guy I’ve ever been with because I was “too nice“. Have you ever read something that makes you so mad that you hit your head or your desk and scream WTF! Well, that was this article to me. […]

Grammys so male

It seems that social justice warriors have nothing better to do than complain about a non-issue. In the past, they complained about air conditioning being sexist and masculinity being so fragile. Two weeks after a women’s march that accomplished absolutely nothing it should come as no surprise that these idiots complained about the Grammys. Allow […]

Hiring based on gender

When a company focuses on gender instead hiring the best candidate then the company loses its competitive advantage. After a period of time, that company will begin to fail. In this post, we will explore why hiring based on gender usually is the beginning of the end of most companies. A company should never refuse […]

This is the perfect example of some simp shit. This cuckmaster actually believes that if he does all this shit that he will win a woman’s affection. I have news for him dude it won’t work. Women want guys they can manipulate and control. Not some simp dude who worships them like a false idol. […]

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