I feel like as time goes on the more I come across feminism videos and social media post I can’t help but think that the movement is just becoming a pity party for women. I know the movement claims to be about empowering women but in reality it suppresses women with false narratives making them […]

Even though I’m going my own way can’t help but notice that every chick has some stupid tattoo on their ankles or on the side of the foot that looks like scribbled ass. It used to be that you could see a couple of women with a tramp stamp. But now it’s like every other […]

Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp Episode 1 - Simping Spree

It seems that feminism claims to be about getting rid of toxic masculinity by at the same time trying to emulate toxic males. This is kind of perplexing but it should come as no surprise. It seems tha...

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  • 7 Feb 20190
    Feminism now is just a circle jerk for women.
  • 31 Jan 20190
    Women aren’t even feminine anymore.
  • 27 Jan 20190
    When sex became easier to get, love got harder to find
  • 20 Jan 20190
    Feminism claims to be against toxic masculinity but emulates toxic males.

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