Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp Episode 1 - Simping Spree

This is my first of many stories from mine and my friends lives before we discovered MGTOW. When I look back now and see how nieve I was and how early I was tricked and coned by past girlfriends/ acqu...

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  • 4 Mar 20190
    Thanos’s ex-wife got half of everything he owned after the divorce. Which got him thinking...
  • 7 Feb 20190
    Feminism now is just a circle jerk for women.
  • 31 Jan 20190
    Women aren’t even feminine anymore.
  • 27 Jan 20190
    When sex became easier to get, love got harder to find
  • 20 Jan 20190
    Feminism claims to be against toxic masculinity but emulates toxic males.

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