Why The #GrammysSoMale Outrage Is A Non-Issue. Women Do Need To ‘Step Up’

Grammys so male

It seems that social justice warriors have nothing better to do than complain about a non-issue. In the past, they complained about air conditioning being sexist and masculinity being so fragile. Two weeks after a women’s march that accomplished absolutely nothing it should come as no surprise that these idiots complained about the Grammys. Allow me to provide several reseasons why the Grammy winners being mostly male is a non-issue.

  • The majority of the top singers are male.
    • If you go to the top 100 billboard site here for 2017 you will see that of the 100 artists listed only 18 of them are female. So then it should be of no surprise that the majority of the top artist is male.
  • The majority of the top singles were made by men.
  • They don’t offer participation trophies for women.
    • Maybe next year the president of the Grammys can give the female singers a participation trophy award. If they are male and have mediocre sales, they don’t deserve an award.

I prefer not to judge an artist by what is between their legs but by the content of their music. If it sucks, it sucks. If women don’t like it they should step it up.

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