Why Hiring Based On Gender Signals The Downfall Of A Company

Hiring based on gender

When a company focuses on gender instead hiring the best candidate then the company loses its competitive advantage. After a period of time, that company will begin to fail. In this post, we will explore why hiring based on gender usually is the beginning of the end of most companies. A company should never refuse to hire a qualified applicant based on sex, orientation, religion or race. Your mom’s office only hiring women is just as bad as refusing to hire minorities. Not only does it send a bad message about the company, but it’s illegal.

For better or worse, women sometimes tilt to their own.

Women for better or for worse tend to tilt to their own. As such focus is shifted from goal setting and management to pushing agendas. When a male employee presents an ideal that is not in line with the female collective he is then discarded like yesterdays trash. As such ideals tend to follow this weird agenda latent undertone and anyone caught speaking out is reprimanded or terminated. Have a conservative viewpoint? better not show it at one of these workplaces. You could wind up being called out and fired for it (see this link).

Do you hire the best candidate or not?

Well if you are a female based company, skill set does not matter such much as long as you are a woman. Diversity is a good thing for most companies. It brings different skill sets, viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences that aid a company in its growth. And I feel that it is necessary. While I don’t agree with companies only hiring just men (which is illegal btw)  I am also not in favor of hiring all women (see this link).

Gynocentric hiring has its drawbacks

Gynocentric hiring has its drawbacks in the long run. In my personal experience in a majority female workplace (where women outnumbered men 5 to 1.) I found it to be a bad place to work, the environment was rather gossipy and the culture was based on attitude and appearances rather than work ethic. Nothing got done (unless then men did it). An overall it was just politics and catness all around. My experiences with female leaders are that most are unorganized and liens to mush toward their emotion when making decisions instead of logic and sound judgment. My ideal work environment would have as close to a 50/50 split as possible with both male and female leaders. I find that an even match is usually best after all hiring based on gender can lead to internal conflicts as well as a lawsuit (link).

So think hard about how you hire. Because it could be your last.

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