Re: I’ve cheated on every guy I’ve ever dated.


This is my response to the article entitled I’ve been cheated on by every single guy I’ve ever been with because I was “too nice“.

Have you ever read something that makes you so mad that you hit your head or your desk and scream WTF! Well, that was this article to me. I must start off by congratulating the author for making such a vapid pile a dog shit. It is women like this that are pushing men to go their own way and forsake any real relationship with women. I would like to address the first point she makes.

  1. It’s easier to get away with than you think

In the age of social media and dating apps, women like this have found a new way to fuck men over. It’s called seeing how many cocks and STD’s I can get and pass along. I guess the prize would be to go on a blog and write some bullshit ass article about how you fuck men over and don’t feel ashamed of it. If a guy did this he would be called a scumbag, doucebag or worse. This woman clearly has issues and as you can guess she will probably find some way to make herself out to be the victim.

    2. It keeps the one you’re dating interested

She is the article…

There’s no easier way to get bored of someone than by dating them.

If you are bored of someone you don’t cheat on them you LEAVE! I also like that she assumes that men are like women when she says

guys want whoever is least interested in them

I got news for you, Most guys that I know what a girl is the MOST interested in them. This line is just another pathetic attempt to justify her heating. She knows it is wrong but will justify it to make the other person wrong while making her right. This next lines prove that.

Guys don’t want you to sleep with other people because it’s the only thing they have that we don’t. And once you rise above that, they realize they’ve lost their grip on that leash they thought was so tight.

This is complete bullshit, guys don’t want you to sleep with other people because makye they don’t want to date a whore. A guess this is what passes as female empowerment nowadays.

This is why I go my own way. Share your thoughts below.


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