Sorry Women You Can’t Be Femcels

So I’ve been lured onto a Reddit forum Truefemcels after a post was made about MGTOW. I have been lurking for awhile now. Trying to understand how any woman can be involuntary celebrant or incel for short. How can any woman be celebrate in a society that serves up male attention on a silver platter. After months of analyzing post and messages what I have come to realize is that women can not be involuntary celebrant or Femcels. Here are there points and my counter arguments. Sorry women you can’t be Femcels.

  • If you are MGTOW then why do you care about femcels? Well they talk about us so I figure lets talk about them, it’s only fair right?
LOL Male Hypergamy? As if there is such a thing.

1. To be involuntary celibate one has to involuntary abstain from marriage AND sexual relations. That is literately the definition of celibacy. If you are able to have sex guess what you are not? You are not involuntary celebrate. If you have sex even if it is with random guys that hump and dump, by definition you are not celebrant. Now, what they will try to do is do the same shit SJW do. That is they keep changing the definition. Also if guys are finding you attractive enough to have sex with then surly there are a few that would want to marry you. What emcels will tell you is that they can’t find a LTR (long term relationship) and all they get is random guys looking only for sex. This is what brings me to my next point.

2. Attention can be a doorway to a potential LTR and marriage. Many of these femcels will say that they can’t find any guys who want to have a LTR with them. I can guarantee that a person who gets a few likes and messages from the opposite or same sex will have a greater chance of having a LTR than someone who does not. If you are able to get male attention be it by getting multiple likes, swipes and messages and you choose not to pursue a relationship then you are not involuntary celibate now are you? If you are able to get messages on a regular basis then your probability of meeting someone will go up. Do you know what the probability of a guy who gets 0 likes, 0 messages and 0 swipes gets? The answer is 0.

3. Doing things that make you look ugly then complaining that you can’t find a partner. This is one that really gets me. When I was on Reddit looking and these post.

So if dudes say that it looks awful when you have colored hair, lip, and nose rings and you do it anyway. You can’t get mad when dudes wont date you because of it. It doesn’t matter if YOU find it empowering. If they say it looks like shit it looks like shit.

4. Guys will never be alone because they can get a prostitute. This assumes that you live in an area with prostitutes and that  you have money. Even then that may not be enough…

Some prostitutes will not service you if you are not white or if you are under/over a certain age. Keep in mind that this shit is not legal and you could wind up with an STD. Also just like the Femcels some guys want a LTR. Hooking up with a prostitute will not give you a LTR. Hooking up with a prostitute is a short term solution to a long term problem.

…Also these Femcels could literally do the same thing on tinder/bumble so there is that.

5. Why don’t men just date down? Women are the gate keepers of the relationship. Just because you are above a woman on the looks scale does not mean they will date you. Guys get turned down by ugly women all the time. Why don’t Femcels just date down…?

 I can sum it up in one word…hypergamy. Just like the men want to be with a hot chic (Stacy). Women want to be with a hot guy (Chad) or even Chad lite. Lets take a look at this chic right here…

This is the unofficial ugliest woman in the world. And that guy is her husband. That’s right, she is married. Now let us take a look at this guy…

Do you think he has a girlfriend? Do you think he is getting laid? Do you think he will ever get married? The answer is a hard no. He has to go to bed alone and beat his meat raw every night. He can’t date down because no woman will want to be seen in public with him. One has options the other as none and that is the difference.

6. In all actuality, you chose to be single and celibate whether consciously or sub consciously. If you are choosing to be celibate then why complain about being celibate? I think these women just want a group to belong to and they choose Femcels to play themselves out to be a victim. Even if they are the ones doing the victimizing to themselves.

7. Most of these women are just bitter plain and simple. They had a few and experiences with men and now they are as salty as the sea. The truth is that 80% of all these issues they mention on their forum can be resolved if they would just date in their own league. Don’t date up, don’t date down, just date across. If you are a 5 date a date 5. They try to date a chad then get humped and dumped then they think that all men are like that. #Notallmen #NOMALT

In closing these bitches are cray cray and it’s them and women like them that is the reason I go my own way.

Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp

Tales From The Simp Episode 1 - Simping Spree

So I’ve been lured onto a Reddit forum Truefemcels after a post was made about MGTOW. I have been lurking for awhile now. Trying to understand how any woman can be involuntary celebrant or incel...

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