The 10 Commandments Men Shouldn’t Follow

This is the perfect example of some simp shit. This cuckmaster actually believes that if he does all this shit that he will win a woman’s affection. I have news for him dude it won’t work. Women want guys they can manipulate and control. Not some simp dude who worships them like a false idol. When you do all these things without being told to do so then women will get bored and began to seek out other companions.

Notice this guy says “the second I get into a relationship”. This implies that he is not in a relationship currently. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that he spends all his time bowing and kissing his women’s ass (literally)?

Lets me dispell these “Cuck-mandments” one by one by says what a woman should do for me.

  1. Every Sunday my car better be filled with gas if a woman drives my car. I would never drive a woman’s car unless something was wrong with mine.
  2. I should set aside $75 – $100 and get my own hair, nails, and feet done. I would NOT spend this on a woman EVER.
  3. If a woman lives with me cooking is NEVER optional.
  4. She should suck my cock at least once per week then maybe, maybe I will buy her a bra and panties or something else but definitely not a whole outfit.
  5. See number 4.
  6. HER phone bill should be paid for by HER and no one else.
  7. I should be taken on a date at least once a week.
  8. She should tell me she loves me at least once a day. Only then will I tell her.
  9. If she has another child by another man LEAVE HER!
  10. She should do a kind gester(such as sucking my cock) every month.

When you have your own shit you can dictate how the relationship goes and be in command. I can promise you being in command and going your own way is a lot better in the long run than trying to appease females by being a voluntary servant.


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